Alumni Updates 1950s



    James S. Bush, ’59, an officer with Bush Brothers, beans and other canned vegetables. 


    Hon. James H. Jarvis II, '59:  Honored as a Significant Sig as a Senior United States Chief District Judge.


    Thomas E. Bronson, '58:  All American fullback at UT;  Longtime cement materials executive;  Chairman and CEO of Meridian Aggregates Co. and Vice Chairman of Meridian's parent, MAC Acquisitions, Inc.  Significant Sig.


    John T. Majors, '57:  Football All-American; former head coach, University of Pittsburg and UT.  Significant Sig.


    David E. McKinney, '56:   Former President of the IBM World Trade Americas/Far East Corp. and Chairman of the IBM World Trade Europe/Middle East/Africa Corp. (1980s).  Significant Sig.


    John N. Wilford Jr., '55:   Science correspondent for the New York Times and winner of two Pulitzer Prizes (1984 & 1987) for national reporting.  Significant Sig 1987.  Received 2008 Distinguished Alumni Award from UT's College of Communication & Information.


    Allen J. Bush, ’54:  Officer with Bush Brothers, beans and other canned vegetables.


    James A. Haslam II, '52:  Founder, Chairman & President of Pilot Corp., Chairman of Pilot Travel Centers.  Significant Sig.


    Hon. Francis E. “Hank” Lauricella, '52:   All-America football player   He is a member of the National Football Foundation’s College Football Hall of Fame.  He served 32 years in the Louisiana legislature.  Significant Sig.


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