Alumni Updates 1960s

  • Tommy Bragg, ’69:  Mayor of Murfreesboro.


    D. Breckenridge Grover, '69:  a City of Denver staffer;  Beta Sigma's only living Order of Constantine honoree.  Serves on Sigma Chi's Board of Grand Trustees (thru 2013) for East Tenn. & Rocky Mtn. Provinces.


    Saxby Chambliss, ’68:  U.S. Senator (Ga.) since 2002.   Former U.S. Representative (Ga.).  Saxby was initiated at Georgia and affiliated with Beta Sigma at UT, where he is a 1968 law graduate.


    B. Tom Collins, '65:  Country Music Producer (Barbara Mandrell, Ronnie Milsap, Tom T. Hall, Charley Pride) in Nashville.  Significant Sig.


    William E. Wade Jr., '64:  Honored as a Significant Sig as a longtime executive, and President, ARCO (petroleum).


    James E. Hall, '63:  Leading expert on transportation safety and security, crisis management and government;  Chairman of the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (1994 to 2001).  Significant Sig.


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