House Rebuild Project

  • Drive to re-build the House:  in full-swing.


    House History

    As UT's expanded in the 1960s, the House in Circle Park -- used since 1933 -- was closed.  For 1966-67, Brothers moved into a brand-new house at 1816 Fraternity Park Drive.  Over the decades, this magnificent structure has become a landmark for all.


    UT Requires Make-Over

    Recently UT required all Fraternities to renovate and update their chapter houses to accommodate the standards for life-safety and living conditions.  To meet UT's renovation requirements -- we're holding a major capital campaign. 



                 Construction Fence Up                                    New 2nd-story Addition (left) over Dining Room




         New Mechanical Systems Installed                    Massive rebuild project underway


     See more Rebuild photos below, and in Photo Galleries (left navigation column).


    The Challenge

    Having a chapter house that reflects the culture of Sigma Chi and the life-safety standards of UT and the state of Tennessee is paramount to the continued success of Beta Sigma.


    We Need Your Support

    Beta Sigma is now raising the $1+ million necessary for UT's building requirements.  See below to make a tax-deductible donation by credit card (Mastercard, Visa, or Discover).  All donations are collected by the University of Tennessee and then go directly to the Beta Sigma House Corporation for the house rebuild. 


    There are two ways to give (see below for details):
    1) By Recurring credit card

    2) By one-time credit card



    Recurring Credit Card

    You can set-up an automatic gift (monthly, quarterly, or annually) as an easy and convenient way to support the House Rebuild.  Just complete this simple form (PDF).  For more info:


    One-time Credit Card  

    Go to UT’s page:


    (you may want to Select and Print the instructions below):

    • then, in the left column, in the “Giving for the fUTure” box, click on “Give Now Online”
    • Step 1: Choose a Campus:  select Knoxville from the drop-down.
    • Choose a College, School or Dept.:  select Fraternities and Sororities.
    • Choose a fund or endowment:  Select Sigma Chi.
    • Then choose your Gift Amount and proceed to next steps.


              Rewiring, Lighting, Fire Protection                                 New "Dorm" addition; over Dining Room