The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi

  • The most honored Fraternity song in the Greek-letter world: The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi.  Beta Sigma has selected an annual Sweetheart:  in the 1950s, she was announced during Derby Week in the fall.  By the 1970s, the Sweetheart was announced at the spring Sweetheart Formal. 


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    Sally Nystrom, 1982-83 Sweetheart with LS chair Dave Hofferberth  1950s Sweetheart, announced in fall at Derby

    Sally Nystrom, 1982-83 Sweetheart,    1950s Sweetheart, announced

    with LS Chair Dave Hofferberth.            in the Fall at Derby Week.



    Chapter Sweethearts:



    2011-2012: Anna Hill (Tri Delta)

    2010-11: Rachael Hale  (Chi Omega) 

    2009-10: Liz Dale















    1985-86:  Gail Early  (Kappa Delta)

    1984-85:  Karen Drew

    1983-84:  Becky Wiltcher

    1982-83:  Sally Nystrom  (Alpha Delta Pi)

    1981-82:  Brenda Bush

    1980-81:  Jan Clevenger



    1979-80:  Charla Lee  (Alpha Delta Pi)

    1978-79:  Becky Lay

    1977-78:  Debbie Neiman  (Zeta Tau Alpha)

    1976-77:  Penny Marsh

    1975-76:  Lynn Naumoff



    1971: Ann Klein

    1970: Mary Jean Gilbert



    1969: Mary Gilbert

    1968: Noel McCluskey


    1966-67: Sonny Keck



    1966: Julie Andrus

    1965: Sara Hooten

    1963-64: Camille Walker

    1962-63: Sally Bacon





    Late-1950s:  Sue Harris  (Alpha Delta Pi)


    1957:  Dixie Stegall


    Mid-1950s:  Sammie Lynn Puett  (Delta Delta Delta)


    1952:  Jo Ann Webb

    1951:  Mimi & Janet Kenan (twins from Chattanooga)

    1950:  Peggy Tillman



    1957 Chapter Sweetheart Dixie Stegall, and Consul Charles Morton, '58, buffing trophies: 1st Place Carnicus, Fraternity of the Year (from AOPi), and Intra-murals.



    1949:  Margaret Ann Long

    1948:  Tookie James

    1947:  Nancy Sterchi

    1946:  Betty Asquith

    1945:  Barbara Tuttle

    1944:  Kitty Reade

    1943:  Flo Wattles


    Early-1940s:  Frances "Frankie" Habersham Fonde Brogan  (A 1944 UT Grad; Chi Omega; Miss Univ. of Tenn.)